Our Solutions

Climate Sense is a healthy soil technology company

Climate Sense brings an integrated platform of in-the-ground sensors that monitor soil health, a mobile farmer application that provides guided soil improvement and blockchain technology that enables transparent data flowing to supply chain partners and underlining credible soil carbon credits. We guide farmers on a path toward regenerative agriculture, while tracking the exact outcomes for soil health, and we bring all this data and soil improvement to life for supply chain actors in streamlined dashboards and to monetize outcomes for farmers.

Climate Sense’s offering is a comprehensive
solution to soil health

Sensors and data

These cell network connected sensors monitor soil temperature, moisture levels, N/P/K levels and soil carbon, providing real time data to the cloud and the ability to maximize farm productivity, improve practices and adaptively manage their soils.


Regenerative farm practices

We offer an efficient approach to regenerative agriculture through our RegenHub. We are able to track farming practice improvements, soil outcomes through the sensors and ultimately tied products to regenerative practices on farms around the world through a track and trace module. This will bring regenerative agriculture products from the first mile, direct from farm to cpg, with live data, soil monitoring, and practice tracking.


Credits and credit markets

Our carbon accounting approach will allow for farmers to quantify their farm’s carbon stocks, to improve soils and ultimately augment carbon stocks and monetize those carbon stocks. Our farmer application tracks critical inputs such as energy usage, synthetic fertilizer, fuel usage, and more.


Our Methodology