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Who is Climate Sense?

We are a healthy soil technology company at the forefront of the regenerative, climate-positive agriculture future. We provide an integrated platform for farmers, companies, and institutions to drive transformative agricultural practices, capture live, dynamic data, and incentivize regenerative outcomes. We are utilizing an IoT approach to connect live-feed sensors, blockchain technology, farmers and company dashboards, to drive science-based climate and agricultural outcomes.


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Incentivizing Sustainable Farming

In The Field

Cultivating Change in Andhra Pradesh, India

Climate Sense’s journey started in Andhra Pradesh, India, where we are actively working with farmers in the field to implement our innovative solutions. We are working closely with local farmers to monitor soil health, promote regenerative agriculture practices, and empower farmers with data-driven insights across Andhra Pradesh. Climate Sense’s integrated platform is helping farmers make informed decisions that lead to healthier soils, increased crop yields, and reduced climate impacts.

Outside of Vijayawada, we are working with farmers across a varied spectrum of crops, including turmeric, corn, citrus, rice, bamboo and more. Given the growing farmer interest in the region, we have formalized a partnership with ANGRAU the regional agricultural university and with Shresta Farms, a large cooperative of growers interested in practicing regenerative agriculture.

Our vision doesn't stop here. Our goal is to cultivate climate-positive change globally, shifting agricultural outcomes into a regenerative force that sustains our planet and nourishes communities worldwide.

As we continue to innovate and expand our presence in new geographies, we invite you to join us. To take the first step in your journey toward regenerative agriculture, please reach out to us.

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Contact Us

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